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Protesting Inequality: Occupy & Beyond

Marina Sitrin and WJT Mitchell discuss the current conditions of social protest around the world. Read More »

Saskia Sassen on the Global Economy

Acclaimed sociologist Saskia Sassen examines predatory economic forms and their social and environmental impacts Read More »

Meeting China’s Environmental Crisis

Experts discuss environmental issues in China and the place of religion in responding to the nation's environmental challenges. Read More »

WATCH NOW: Masha Gessen & Bernardine Dohrn on Pussy Riot

Author Masha Gessen in conversation with Bernardine Dohrn about her acclaimed book on the Russian activist group Pussy Riot. Read More »

Recent News

Global Engagement Office launches new website

The University's new Global Engagement website compiles information about ongoing international programs — on campus and around the world — in one place. The website has a map of programs on the home page as well as a more in depth Directory of International Programs where you can sort initiatives by city, country, region, or continent. Take a look!

How Creativity Helps Build Identities and Nations

Political Science professor Dennis Galvan presents the Spring Quarter African Studies Distinguished Lecture.

The Arab Spring and the Rise of Illiberal Democracy

Shadi Hamid talks about his latest book and the importance of understanding the rise of Islamists in Middle East politics.

PGE Shapes National Green Restaurant Certification

New standard for sustainable industry practices is based on research by students working with Environmental Studies lecturer Sabina Shaikh.

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